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Fall is here!

Monday, October 9, 2017   /   by Nicole Solari

Fall is here!

Can you believe it's officially Fall? 

Crazy how fast time flies!

And since time is precious, let's get right into this week's highlights...

1. We're "falling" for you.

Speaking of Fall…

Of course we've got you covered with Fall content. 

Check out this thread for a good summary of Fall content:

This one links directly to a video:

And here's another video…

2. Ask a simple question...

Chrissy asked a simple question, and…

Check out this thread to see what she got:


3. Clip Tip

Cheryl's tip on using a binder clip will save you from watching your time and money fly away.


4. I cannot lie...

I gotta be honest, Jamie's sign riders are pretty original… Maybe her post will help you come up with an outside the box idea!


5. Or, perhaps you prefer to think outside the bag!

If thinking outside the box isn't your thing, maybe Karla's post will help you think outside the bag...LOL.


6. Want to speed up the sale of a house?

Then speed on over to Debra's post and check out how many ways she gave you to do so...


(On a side note...this post is one of the reasons I love doing the weekly round-up. This is one of those ones that somehow seemed to go under the radar this week. Totally worth checking out!) 


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