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Thursday, December 22, 2016   /   by Natasha Antonioni

Why a REALTOR® Can Get You Top Dollar for Your Home

You're ready to sell. You've been hearing about new real estate sites that charge less commission or even teach you how to sell your home yourself. What should you do? So what if 93% of home sales involve a REALTOR®? 
The real estate market is highly competitive, and if you don’t put in the work to make your house visible, you’ll probably end up with a rotting “for sale” sign in front of your home - Advisory HQ says.
Real estate agents generally have good connections that can generate more publicity for your house. They usually have enough experience to know how to sell a house and how to get potential buyers interested in your property. 
Before getting into real estate I didn’t have a clue of all the work that went on behind the scenes of being a successful REALTOR®. The primo real estate agents are actually sales and marketing experts. From door knocking to serious networking to vide ...

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Monday, December 12, 2016   /   by Natasha Antonioni

5 Must Do Tips To Get TOP Dollar

1. Shhhh... Only You Need to Know WHY You're Selling. 
Your reasons to sell will dictate your strategy so keep it quiet or it could be used against you. Need to sell quick? Have time and want to get the best buck for your property? All of these personal details will have an impact on the effort, dollar and time you put into getting your house 'Sale Ready'.
If anyone asks, simply reply - Our real estate needs have changed. 
2. Get Familiar with YOUR Local Market.
This is definitely your agents job first and foremost. To know if you have a top agent on your team, pay attention to their Comparable Market Analysis. And if there isn't one, find a new agent. Seriously.
Beyond that, do your own research as well. Check out a list of 6 - 10 recently sold properties in your area. Pay attention to the dollar per square foot, the quality of the finishes and how your home compares. 
3. Choose Wisely. Find an E; ...

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Saturday, December 10, 2016   /   by Natasha Antonioni

3 Hot Tips that Will Make Your home Look Larger

When you're ready to sell and for top dollar, there's a few key pointers that can truly tip the scales. And hey, even if you're not ready to sell, the following three ideas can add space and modernize your home.
1. Group your Furniture

The old rule was to push all your furnishings against the walls to create more space in the middle. Those days have died with faux wall paneling. Instead, create the illusion of more space in your living area by floating furniture off the walls. Think, conversational groupings to create a better overall flow to your commonly used entertaining areas. Beyond adding space, grouping your furniture creates a more intimate and inviting social environment and shows better when selling.
2. Paint Your Rooms Bigger

By painting adjacent rooms the same color, it creates the appearance of one larger space. For example, if you have a small kitchen that leads into a living or dining room, by painting the two rooms th ...

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