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Monday, August 17, 2020   /   by Nicole Solari

How to Make Moving to California a Breeze

Most people dread moving because of the stress, expense and time commitment. However, resettling in California -- with its beautiful weather and scenery -- is sure to make the idea of moving more exciting. By following the tips below, you can avoid stress, save money and breeze through the process more quickly.

Finding a New Home
Before you can plan any of the logistics of moving, you have to have your next living arrangement squared away. Here’s how to find the perfect home in California.

       If you don’t need to move somewhere specific for work, compare a few different cities.
       Home prices can be high in some areas, so do some research if you’re on a budget.
       Find a real estate agent to aid your search, such as an expert from The Solari Group.
       No matter where you decide to move, prepare yourself for California’s high taxes.
    &n ...

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020   /   by Nicole Solari

How Pricing Your Home Right Makes a Big Difference

Even though there’s a big buyer demand for homes in today’s low inventory market, it doesn’t mean you should price your home as high as the sky when you’re ready to sell. Here’s why making sure you price it right is key to driving the best price for the sale.
If you’ve ever watched the show “The Price Is Right,” you know the only way to win the game is to be the one to correctly guess the price of the item up for bid without going over. That means your guess must be just slightly under the retail price.
When it comes to pricing your home, setting it at or slightly below market value will increase the visibility of your listing and drive more buyers your way. This strategy actually increases the number of buyers who will see your home in their search process. Why? When potential buyers look at your listing and see a great price for a fantastic home, they’re probably going to want to take a close ...

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Friday, February 7, 2020   /   by Nicole Solari

The Top States Americans Moved to Last Year

Some Highlights:

Americans are on the move, and the most recent Atlas Van Lines Migration Patterns Survey tracked the 2019 traffic flow from state-to-state.

Idaho held on to the top spot of ‘high inbound’ states for the second time since 2017, followed by Washington State.

New York was the country’s outbound move leader in 2019, a designation it most recently held in 2014. ...

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Friday, February 7, 2020   /   by Nicole Solari


As the year and decade comes to a close, we find ourselves in an exciting time for luxury real estate. December’s Luxury Market Report shows that we are at the very pinnacle of witnessing new groups of influence usher in a whole new range of lifestyle trends that are sure to extend beyond 2020. 

As a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, luxury clientele rely on you to help them buy, sell, and invest according to these trends, so staying up to date with our monthly reports is essential during this new wave of influence.


When we look at how to sell luxury listings in 2020, one of the most important things to consider is our luxury clientele’s ever-growing desire for holistic living. Almost all of 2019’s Luxury Reports showed a noticeable shift away from “McMansion” estates and towards properties that fall into the “New Urbanism” concept. Luxury sellers are looking for Certified Lu; ...

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Friday, February 7, 2020   /   by Nicole Solari


As we head into 2020 one thing is for sure: the luxury home market is not what it used to be. Mega mansions, luxury ranches, penthouses, and other sprawling estates just aren’t motivating today’s luxury buyer. The Institute’s last few Luxury Market Reports showed that luxury buyers across all ages are looking to downsize in favor of quality over space.

At the same time, it’s worth noting that while there’s a noticeable shift in luxury real estate market trends, it doesn’t mean that every luxury buyer or seller is the same. It’s still incredibly important to take cues from your clients and dig into your local market trends, but being aware of the bigger picture will help you better advise your clients. 

With size and grandeur less in focus, location and lifestyle have become more important to today’s buyers. While it’s true that the luxury market has always been about these things, they’re st; ...

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